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17 Years old, This is what I do. My day to day life. Most photos are from my car window, neighborhood, or church. I draw in my free time, and some class time. I try bigger projects over weekends and holidays. Every thing here is original. Posted by me. A self-taught artist, I guess. I Reflect on the past, to construct the future. I trust in Jesus because he saved me from destruction and has a plan for my life. I am here to follow it. Web Site Hit Counter
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That may not sound like much, but I have been trying to draw a tree well for quite a while. Today, I finally accomplished it. It’s in the background of a pencil drawing for a contest in November. I also successfully utilized shading. I’m actually progressing in my art skills. I will post a picture of the drawing once it’s completed.


  1. megushie said: YAY can’t wait to see.
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