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17 Years old, This is what I do. My day to day life. Most photos are from my car window, neighborhood, or church. I draw in my free time, and some class time. I try bigger projects over weekends and holidays. Every thing here is original. Posted by me. A self-taught artist, I guess. I Reflect on the past, to construct the future. I trust in Jesus because he saved me from destruction and has a plan for my life. I am here to follow it. Web Site Hit Counter
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So, About this Drawing…

It started out as a doodle while chilling with my little cousins. It was a scene of my uncle’s backyard. Then, I imagined my own background (to include a wall that doesn’t exist). The distant scenery is completely imagined. It started looking really nice with pretty decent shading and everything. For some reason, I’m very intrigued by destruction; such as ghost towns, abandoned buildings, antique things that are tarnished and broken. So, I started destroying my drawing. But not physically, instead I destroyed what was in the scene. Holes, cracks, tears, ash, burns, charred. This is not how I imagined this drawing, instead it is so much more.


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