Chronic Creativity

17 Years old, This is what I do. My day to day life. Most photos are from my car window, neighborhood, or church. I draw in my free time, and some class time. I try bigger projects over weekends and holidays. Every thing here is original. Posted by me. A self-taught artist, I guess. I Reflect on the past, to construct the future. I trust in Jesus because he saved me from destruction and has a plan for my life. I am here to follow it. Web Site Hit Counter
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Last Night…

When brushing my teeth, I sat in front of my computer to scroll through my dashboard. Well, my sonicare toothbrush, whatever waves it puts out interfered with my monitor and made it flutter like crazy. So I turned my toothbrush on right next to the monitor causing toothpaste to splatter all over my monitor. This is how lazy I am—It’s all still there.


  1. megushie said: Whats lazy is that you use an electronic toothbrush.
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